In a world where everything is within easy reach, handcrafted gifts made with time and love are invaluable. That’s why people are increasingly turning to handcrafted gifts to fill the hearts of their loved ones with delight. Enjoy the cold November weather and start creating handmade gifts in the coming weeks. This holiday season, you will be happy to give the gift of your creativity while reducing your environmental footprint with zero-waste gifts.

Here are eight simple, quick, eco-friendly homemade gift ideas.

Handmade Gifts - Natural Body Products

Handmade body products reduce chemical agents and ensure all ingredients used are high quality. These recipes are easy to follow and enable anyone to create healthy, fragrant body products.

Handcrafted Soap

Here are our two favourite recipes for handmade soaps. These soaps are easy to make and have easy-to-find, safe ingredients. There is no need to know the basics of saponification to make these homemade soaps. 

Skin Exfoliant

A simple beauty product offered as a gift can encourage you to take some time for yourself. These two exfoliating recipes are made with simple ingredients that you probably have at home. These exfoliants can be kept for several months, so it’s a perfect gift to prepare ahead of time. Here are our recipes for homemade exfoliants:

Spice Skin Exfoliant

Green Tea Skin Exfoliant

Whipped Body Butter

Homemade body butter is an excellent alternative to moisturizers, which often dry out our skin instead of nourishing it. However, this body butter is soft and moisturizing, leaving the skin well nourished and infused with natural beneficial oils. You can choose your favourite essential oils and add them to this whipped butter to personalize the result. Our favourite? This essential oil blend brings peace and harmony.

Essential Oils Bath Salt

There is nothing better than a hot bath in Epsom salt and essential oils to bring peace to your mind, body and soul after the holiday season. Thanks to you, your family and friends will be able to relax in a therapeutic tub. Who knows, it may become a ritual, and you will be asked for more bottles of this essential oil bath salt.

Homemade Gifts - Our Gourmet Suggestions

Give one of these gifts or gather some ideas for a homemade basket of treats.

A Pair of Vinaigrettes

For many people, buying a vinaigrette is the simple, fast solution. But a homemade vinaigrette has everything you need to please people around you, especially when it is made with healthy ingredients and no preservatives. Increase these recipes based on the quantity you want to give. Give them in a beautiful jar decorated with fir branches.

Greek Dressing

Maple Sesame Dressing

Popcorn Bag

Popcorn is a much-appreciated snack. However, it is often synonymous with a guilty pleasure, junk food or naughty treat for a movie night. Think again—homemade popcorn with organic, GM-free corn seeds, high-quality coconut oil and healthy seasonings is rich in antioxidants and fibre. Once it’s ready, put your popcorn in a beautiful bag to offer as a gift to a greatly appreciated hostess.


Biscotti is a true holiday classic. They are delectable with coffee or tea, but few people take the time to make them. They are therefore truly a pleasure to receive as a gift. These chocolate biscotti will certainly make your friends and family smile; they’ll want to eat them up right away.

Homemade Granola

Granola is a pantry essential. Most people buy it at the supermarket instead of making it themselves. Thanks to you, your family and friends will receive high-quality, delicious granola featuring healthy ingredients, including oatmealbuckwheatpecans and chia seeds. This recipe can be prepared in advance and bagged or put into personalized mason jars with a cinnamon stick and a pretty ribbon.

Kale Chips

This project takes a little time to prepare yet makes everyone happy. For a unique taste, use Maras pink salt when making these kale chips. Feel free to enhance their flavour by adding baking powder or Cajun spices.  

Make Way for Gift Wrapping.

Part of the fun of giving a gift is personalizing it beforehand. Here are some wrapping ideas that will give your gifts a one-of-a-kind style while respecting the environment.


Fill a wicker basket with some homemade goodies. One can have gourmet products, while another can be full of natural body products. Thrift stores often have a large inventory of baskets just asking for a second life.

Dishwashing Linens

Wrap your gift in a lovely dishcloth, which will also be a gift. It’s the perfect way to give while minimizing the impact of waste. Several Japanese packaging techniques called furoshiki use pieces of fabric to wrap presents.

Brown Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping papers are non-recyclable. However, this is not the case for brown paper. This paper makes for pretty, minimalist wrapping paper that can be decorated with a hemp yarn or a scrap of wool. As a bonus, you can write your messages directly on the wrapping paper and avoid purchasing a card.

A Simple Branch

Most homemade gifts are naturally pretty. This is true for handmade soaps, products stored in glass jars and clear bags showing delicious food. Why hide such beautiful creations? Add a pretty cotton ribbon and decorate with a beautiful fir branch or cinnamon stick.

Enjoy making homemade gifts!

The La Boite à Grains team


Research and writing:
Véronique Cousineau, Degree-Holding Naturopath

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