LTO3: Improve Concentration and Reduce Anxiety

LTO3: Improve Concentration and Reduce Anxiety

Difficulty concentrating and anxiety symptoms are some of the reasons why customers ask for in-store advice. Children and adults of all ages may need help improving focus and reducing anxiety symptoms. There are several solutions available for improving concentration focus and controlling anxiety. The following is a practical, 100% natural approach.

Children: How to Improve Concentration and Reduce Anxiety with LTO3

Today’s children are more stimulated than ever. This hectic lifestyle is harmful to them, as many sociological, psychological and epidemiological studies have confirmed. The effects differ from one child to another, but anxiety symptoms and trouble focusing are common.

Children are considered to lack focus when they are unable to work on one specific task, are easily distracted, and waste a lot of time completing tasks. Anxious children may exhibit fears or apprehension about certain everyday situations.

Although attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and anxiety disorder are increasing in Quebec, not all children with difficulties necessarily suffer from them. Before consulting a professional, parents should adjust the children’s lifestyle and environment so that they can more easily fulfill their potential.

You can help children improve their focus and reduce anxiety:

  • Allow them to expend their energy
  • Reduce stimulation
  • Slow their lifestyle down
  • Improve sleep hygiene
  • Provide a healthy, balanced diet rich in protein and good fats
  • Minimize sweets and processed foods
  • Reduce screen time

In addition, it may be useful and necessary to introduce LTO3, a natural health product. LTO 3 can help children reduce anxiety and improve concentration.

Adults: Improve Focus and Reduce Anxiety with LTO3

In Canada, more than one in ten adults experiences symptoms of anxiety daily. Added to this sad statistic is the dramatic increase in the number of ADHD cases among the adult population of Quebec. These figures are partly a reflection of a frenetic lifestyle in which responsibilities pile up and multiply, leaving adults physically, mentally and intellectually exhausted.

To reduce anxiety and improve concentration, some may need professional help. Others will improve their situation in the following ways:

  • Learning to relax through breathing, visualization, meditation and/or yoga
  • Adopting better sleeping hygiene 
  • Adopting a slower lifestyle
  • Lowering expectations
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoiding stimulants, including caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Minimizing exposure to media

In addition, it may be useful, necessary to introduce LTO3, a natural health product. LTO 3 allows adults to reduce anxiety and improve their focus.

LTO 3: Improves Concentration and Reduces Anxiety

LTO 3 is a natural health product that

  • Improves focus and mental acuity
  • Creates mental calmness without drowsiness
  • Helps the retention and assimilation of information
  • Lowers anxiety levels
  • Improves sleep quality

Its three-ingredient formula works quickly on the brain and is free of side effects. LTO 3 owes its benefits to a blend of ingredients:

L-Theanine: This amino acid naturally present in green tea has been the subject of much scientific research. The results show that L-theanine reduces anxiety, improves information retention and reduces mental fatigue.

Fish extract: Sementis, extracted from herring roe, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and antioxidants. Sementis combats mental and intellectual fatigue.

Skullcap: Plant whose traditional use is to calm anxiety, relieve nervousness, stress and insomnia.


If you want to improve your focus and reduce anxiety (or that of a loved one), don’t hesitate to visit us in our store. The team at La Boîte à Grains will be pleased to help you in your quest for better health.

Véronique Cousineau, N.D.

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